Who Knew? Did you?

Captain R was out early this morning, puttering around the gardens, preparing for a day of planting. I sipped coffee and checked E-mails and blogs. Lovely, leisurely morning.

He stopped for a moment and sat on a front porch bench. Relaxing ~ just looking around. Lovely, lovely morning.

And then he came in to report the this and that from his stroll.

“Guess who’s back?” he asked.

“Max and Millie?” I answered, thinking they might be hanging around the pond.

“No, just Millie.


While sitting on the front porch, he did a double take. Or even a triple. There sat Millie staring at him from the wall planter.

Did you know that a hen can have two broods in a season? I did not. (What did we do before Google and such?) I also learned this morning that the ducklings are ready to leave the nest within 13-16 hours of hatching which may explain why we never heard or saw Millie’s babies.

Friday evening when I brought in the mail, I noticed the nest had been stirred up. Curious. Lots of duck down on top. I thought maybe the naughty raccoons had been digging around!

“As soon as we get the vegetables in, I must get that planter filled!” Ha! Lesson learned, friends. Don’t procrastinate. Once the nest was emptied a few weeks back, I should have cleaned it out and planted.  So much going on . . . .and who knew there was the possibility that Millie would have a second brood. Oh my.

Twenty-eight days of incubation before I can even think about planting. Big Sigh!

I am trying to convince sweet husband to dig around the basement for a video camera that we had purchased for Halloween many moons ago. But the process needed to get it set up and hooked up to a television? I am thinking there are vegetables that need planting, garlic scapes to clip, rhubarb to harvest, (homework, hogs to slop), and did I mention weeds? Look at the time.

So sweet Millie, you knew what you were doing when you selected the Sidewalk House for your nest. We will move the bench so the raccoons do not disturb you, we will warn the postal worker and lawn service, and we will leave you to your maternity.

PS a few more facts. Mallards mate in the Fall. Once a hen is sitting, the drake leaves to hang out with other drakes (and possibly force himself on an unattached hen.) And finally, only the female mallard quacks . There is much more to learn about ducks but I doubt we would find out on Duck Dynasty. We welcome your duck facts and experiences in our comments section. Knowledge is power, ja. Quack if you agree! Hugs, Jackie









2 Responses to Who Knew? Did you?

  1. vicky June 12, 2016 at 12:39 pm #

    Awe. Millie knows a good nest when she sees it….

  2. Tracy June 12, 2016 at 3:37 pm #

    Who knew for real?! So many new duck facts!

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