Quiche ~ It’s What For Supper!

“Hmmm,” said Mr. Meat and Potatoes upon hearing my plan for supper. “You have a lot going on, M’dear. Why don’t I fix supper? Grilled steak with potatoes and a salad?” Next day he offered “Corned beef on rye.” And then “How about I cook up some country ribs?” And that’s how the Man of the (Sidewalk) House wooed me away from preparing a supper quiche. He cooked. Because you know ~ real men don’t eat quiche.

But that was only for a few days. You see, a month or two ago he reminded me there were a couple tart shells in the freezer. Good call! I blind baked one of the buttery shells and filled it with crème patissiere topped with awesomely fragrant strawberries that had just hit the market. A small tart shell ~ dessert for two on a quiet weekend at Club Fred. No complaints there.

The second frozen pastry shell was larger. I pulled it out of the freezer a few weeks later with the intent to bake a quiche ~ a zucchini quiche ~ and even though the man had protested quiche by preparing a few suppers, I couldn’t let that pastry shell sit in the fridge for long. I suppose I could have used it for another fruit tart.

He likes sweet; I like savory.

Zucchini quiche is savory, one of my favorite vegetable quiches. I have prepared this dish for luncheons, showers, cocktail parties, and once upon a time for a friend’s backyard wedding (bite size quiches baked in mini muffin pans).

Have I ever served a zucchini quiche to the man for supper? I doubt it. So I did. And he liked it enough to request a second helping ~ maybe not enough to ask me to bake another one any time soon. It’s a start. A pretty green salad, a quiche, a glass of bubbly ~ a lovely spring time supper!

Almost. . . . Change the bubbly to The Universal Beverage (which is bubbly, I guess) and the Real Man of the Sidewalk House does indeed eat quiche! Coca Cola ~ with QUICHE! Honestly y’all, I don’t get it.  I really, really don’t.

Zucchini season is upon us. Enjoy a quiche! On the patio with a glass of your favorite bubbly ~ be it Coca-Cola or . . .

What is your choice for a perfect beverage pairing? Please share.

Download the quiche recipe here.




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