Who Knew? Did you?

Captain R was out early this morning, puttering around the gardens, preparing for a day of planting. I sipped coffee and checked E-mails and blogs. Lovely, leisurely morning. He stopped for a moment and sat on a front porch bench. Relaxing ~ just looking around. Lovely, lovely morning. And then he came in to report […]

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The Tale of Max and Millie ~ a couple of Puddle Ducks

On the front porch of the Sidewalk House hangs a wall basket ~ don’t you know what fun we have planting it season to season! For the holidays, greens and pinecones and such; for Fall little pumpkins and colorful leaves, dried grasses and bittersweet. Summer? all kinds of greens and colors! In this photo we were playing with placement of Spring plants a few years back But this […]

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Quiche ~ It’s What For Supper!

“Hmmm,” said Mr. Meat and Potatoes upon hearing my plan for supper. “You have a lot going on, M’dear. Why don’t I fix supper? Grilled steak with potatoes and a salad?” Next day he offered “Corned beef on rye.” And then “How about I cook up some country ribs?” And that’s how the Man of the (Sidewalk) House wooed me […]

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Peas, please. . . .

Or not! In a current E-conversation with my down home forever friend, Vicky, I was rambling on about lost vintage recipes and the recent revival of the 7 layer salad so popular in the 70s. The original salad recipe making the rounds in our area was made up of iceberg lettuce, celery, green bell pepper, peas, red onion, shredded cheese, […]

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Fletcher Rabbit and Other “Dangers” of Reading Magazines and Blogs

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere ~ running rampant throughout the Sidewalk House. It started with a magazine article. And as with real rabbits, our bunny population exploded! Long before I entered into the world of blog writing, I was reading blogs. Starting the day with one negative headline after another when I turn on the computer is a downer. A few blog posts from people […]

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“O Oysters, Come and Walk With Us!”

“O Oysters, come and walk with us!” The Walrus did beseech. “A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach: We cannot do with more than four, To give a hand to each”                    Lewis Carroll~ Through the Looking Glass Oh those naïve little oysters thinking they were invited on a grand adventure only to discover […]

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My Introduction to Chinese Cuisine and The 47 Year Journey

My childhood introduction to Chinese food was ~ well, just awful. La Choy canned chop suey. Do you remember that stuff? Meat (?) and slimy vegetables in a gooey, thick sauce, heated up, served over rice (Uncle Ben’s instant rice at that, bleh!) and topped with crunchy chow mein noodles that came in an attached can. Sunday dinner ~ […]

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Jambalaya and a Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo

Ooooh! That toe tapping Hank Williams song from 1952 makes me want to party!  Love it, love it, love it!  Brenda Lee, Hank, bring it! Jambalayas and gumbos are served up at the Sidewalk House again and again but I have never gotten around to baking a crawfish pie ~ never even tasted one. As far as mudbugs go, it’s Crawfish Etouffee […]

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Navy and Orange ~ Orange and Navy

How about that Super Bowl game! Party for two at the Sidewalk House ~ kicking back in front of the television with a bowl of chili, a crackling fire, and the satisfaction of a big list of nagging chores completed ~ not a bad way to end an exhausting weekend. As I mentioned a few days ago, not one of our […]

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Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy New Year, y’all! Monday, February 8 begins the 15 day celebration of the Chinese New Year ~ it’s the year of the Monkey, the Red Monkey, the Red Fire Monkey?. . . . I’m not sure how that works. Chinese traditions, lore, superstitions, culture? It’s all intriguing. Before our Double A Trio moved to Germany, they spent […]

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