One Thing Leads to Another ~ Part 3 ~ A Box of Oranges

Happy New Year! How did y’all celebrate the new year? As always, Captain Romance and I were happy to be home on New Year’s Eve ~ quiet supper in front of a crackling fire. We seldom are awake when the New Year rings in but this year we watched it come in twice. The New York Ball dropped and an hour later the ChiTown Star rose.

On New Year’s Day we looked forward to friends joining us for supper. I thought the sparkly winter Christmas Dinner centerpiece and table setting would be just right with the meal we planned. Happy to have that done! Our menu plan was casually elegant ~ Gougere; Green Salad with Pears, Blue Cheese, Toasted Walnuts and Pomegranate Seeds with a Pom Balsamic Vinaigrette; Jumbo Shrimp Margherita with homemade baguettes for sopping the scrumptious juices; and a Lemon Tart for dessert. Having the table setting already established? ~ a re-gift for me!

With plans in place and lists made, I was feeling quite relaxed about this season finale. Until! I realized I served Jumbo Shrimp Margherita the last time we entertained these friends. Put on the brakes, Jac! Re-group! I flipped through my file of favorite shrimp recipes ~ Shrimp Chilaquiles? ~ a spicy entrée for a cold evening ~ more rustic than elegant but Yes! I quickly reworked the entire menu ~ Chorizo stuffed chiles; Green salad with Orange Supremes, Jicama, Shallots, Avocado, and a Chile Vinaigrette; Shrimp Chilaquiles; and Coconut Coffee Sundaes. A good menu for sure but I wasn’t seeing it in a silver and white setting. Now what! A box of oranges had just arrived from my forever friend, Gloria!  And just like that one thing led to another. Out came colorful talavera type dishes ~ a rustic pattern of white, blue, orange, and greens. Out of the linen closet came a dark blue tablecloth. And the perfect centerpiece to tie it all together? The compote was emptied of all its glitter and filled with beautiful bright oranges~ 3 varieties. A few fresh  boxwood cuttings were tucked in. Florida oranges in our salad and for our table ~ thank you, thank you precious Gloria! Candles lit, Dinner is served.

NYDay 027

Happy New Year! May all your little things lead to another and another and add up to a celebration of love, joy, peace, and good times all year long! Hugs from the Sidewalk House!

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