One Thing Leads to Another ~ Part 2 ~ All That Glitters is Not Gold

At the Sidewalk House, it’s Silver!

When our Double A Trio (and parents) spend Thanksgiving with us, we eagerly anticipate the renewal of a few traditions.. . . A full blown turkey dinner with Pumpkin Pie and Cherry Pie; Eggnog; Willie Nelson singing Pretty Paper first thing Friday morning; Gramma’ Burgers and French Fries Friday Night; Christmas Vacation; decking the halls; and on occasion Santa Claus stopping in to pick up Christmas lists. Our elves ~ whether naughty or nice bring great joy as they celebrate the holiday transition with us.

Like many couples who have been married 40 some years, we have accumulated a vast collection of Christmas décor. Closets overflow with bins and boxes ~ not everything is used every year. As we went about unwrapping, our daughter picked up a large glass compote that had held faux fruit and bittersweet throughout the Fall. Something about it being empty bothered her; she pulled out a couple containers of small silvery ornaments and poured them into the bowl and placed it in center of the dining room table. While the balls did not fill the compote, they added a little hint of sparkle to come on our table for the weekend.

After our peeps headed back to A2, the captain and I continued decorating over the next few weeks (did I say we have a lot of Christmas treasures?). We finally reached the dining room. In the middle of the table since Thanksgiving was the compote ~ looking kind of worn ~ half full of little silver balls.

and THEN

one thing led to another and then to another. For our oh so elegant Christmas Dinner? Out of the linen closet came a stunning hand made lace tablecloth and napkins my sister had brought from France a few years back. White dishes, silver flatware, white tapers in glass candlesticks, white napkin rings wrapped in silver paper ~ silver bells and faux glass gems added to the silver balls in the compote ~ and with a nod to the 2006 table, little gifts with reindeer tags ~ wrapped in silver and white snowflake paper and tied with (our signature) curly bows. Pretty, but it wasn’t quite there ~ something was missing.  I grabbed a couple silver star garlands from a bin. Ta da! I love shopping my house! Seriously y’all, adding up the little things? That’s what I am talking about! Thank you sweet daughter for inspiring our wintery Christmas Dinner tablescape.

Reindeer table 2015


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