One Thing Leads to Another ~ Part 1~ Reindeer Games

Y’all know how one little thing can lead to another and then to another and another? And suddenly it’s a big thing? Well maybe not really BIG but big enough to amuse. Let me tell you about The Sidewalk House Reindeer Table. . . .

In 2006, I was rummaging through our (huge) collection of cookie cutters, trying to decide which ones I would use this Christmas. I had picked up a set of napkins that year, each with the name of one of Santa’s reindeer ~ fun for Christmas Dinner with our wee ones I thought. Aha! Reindeer cookie cutters in the bin. We had used our two large reindeer cutters in past years as part of our holiday kitchen décor but this year they would be called into action as cookie cutters. I pictured the cookies, in the style of Martha, beautifully frosted,  wrapped in cellophane bags, and tied with ribbons. One for each guest. Mamahouse was feeling pretty cool.

reindeer cookies 2006

However, in true Mamahouse fashion ~ more imagination than time ~ I ended up mixing a quick icing in 3 colors and squiggling it over the molasses reindeer cookies ~ with barely enough time for the frosting to dry.*

Reindeer napkins and reindeer cookies. All set. And then one thing led to another to another and in the blink of an eye, our Christmas table setting took off. Out of the linen closet came a red, green, and gold plaid Christmas cloth from the early 80s ~ a good match for red and green trimmed napkins. Out of our Christmas bins came a collection of reindeer votive candle holders. In the same box (how organized are we!) a set of 8 gold reindeer napkin rings, a gift from our daughter. See where we are going here?reindeer table 2006

An entire reindeer themed table! To complete the “tablescape,” little gifts were wrapped in red, green, and gold paper and tied with gold ribbons ~ each with the name of one of Santa’s reindeer. Light the candles. Christmas Dinner is served.

At the end of dinner, our wee peeps licked the frosting off their reindeer cookies, matched a package tag to the reindeer name on their dinner napkin (with help from their elf parents), opened said reindeer gifts and scooted off to eagerly await the arrival of the man in red.

* The cookies looked messy, I know, but I promise when wrapped in cellophane, tied with curly ribbon and placed on the dinner plates, they were quite festive. Did I mention the reindeer antler headbands? At the Sidewalk House, the little things add up to a party, don’cha know? Reindeer hugs! And to all a good night!





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