“O Oysters, Come and Walk With Us!”

“O Oysters, come and walk with us!”
The Walrus did beseech.
“A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
Along the briny beach:
We cannot do with more than four,
To give a hand to each”                 

  Lewis Carroll~ Through the Looking Glass

Oh those naïve little oysters thinking they were invited on a grand adventure only to discover (too late) that they had been tricked by a hungry Walrus and his Carpenter friend. But gracious sakes y’all, wouldn’t you too want to slurp them right down? ~ Oysters! icy, briny, juicy, DIVINE!

For many years, Mr. Meat and Potatoes would have nothing to do with oysters. A local pub that we frequent has offered oysters on the half shell every Tuesday for years and years ~ a dozen to a tray, shucked, icy cold. Now and again, I have offered to share ~  “taste just one,” I’d say.” And finally he did. And the next time he took two ~ and then another until we got to a point where he needed to order his own dozen. Was that before or after we split a Hooters oyster roast ~ or two? I don’t remember. I just know that the man has become an oyster connoisseur extraordinaire!

Once upon a Valentines Day not too long ago, he served an appetizer of Kumamoto oysters ~ a new (to us) variety he had discovered. Aren’t oysters just oysters? Oh no! Have you had the pleasure of tasting Kumamotos? tiny, sweet oysters from the Pacific? Seriously! You must. Who would have guessed the man who always orders a hunk of beef, no matter where we are, would start us out on a discovery adventure into the world of oysters.

Y’all know how chatty I am. I could go on and on about memories of oyster roasts from my childhood; oyster farming; renewal of damaged oyster beds; reasons for strict monitoring of beds; their importance in the ecology; Edgar the lobster (of Rumpus Acres) and his oyster crushing claws; East coast/West coast varieties; local spots, travel spots; and recipes, recipes, recipes. But I will spare you ~ this time.

Shucking oysters is not an easy task. My hunka hunka tried many oyster knives before he found THE one. He and the knife worked well together ~ until the knife disappeared ~ tossed out with a tray of shells perhaps. For a while, there was one grumpy walrus at the Sidewalk House.

A month or two ago, I spotted an oyster knife on a blog ~ looked like his old favorite. A search. Success!  For my sweet Valentine! oyster knife

The Dexter Russell s121 oyster knife ~ curved tip, comfortable grip, and food safe handle.

Now down to business. Which oysters are currently on ice in our markets? Kumamoto? French Kiss? Naked Cowboy? Deer Creek? Delaware Bay? Beausoleil? Belon? Appalachian? Blue Points? It changes throughout the season. Bring them all. The man is once again primed to shuck!

Oh oysters come and walk with us ~ we will not trick you!

We will lead you straight into the oven for a bit of steam . . . . . .


ready to be steamed

. . . . .then pop open your shells,

oysters 003

Deer Creek (west coast) & Delaware Bay (east coat)

 . . . . . . . . . . .and dip you into a tasty bath ~

oysters with hogwash

of  Hogwash

oysters 008

or buttery hot sauce

and then we will slurp you down!

“Oh Oysters come and walk with us.” . . . again and again! Hugs, y’all!

Tell us about your oyster adventures ~  varieties you crave; sauces; recipes ; places to visit ~ in the comments section or by E-mail. Tanx y’all!





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