Navy and Orange ~ Orange and Navy

How about that Super Bowl game! Party for two at the Sidewalk House ~ kicking back in front of the television with a bowl of chili, a crackling fire, and the satisfaction of a big list of nagging chores completed ~ not a bad way to end an exhausting weekend.

As I mentioned a few days ago, not one of our family fave teams would be playing in Super Bowl 50. Oh well. We would watch the game (and commercials) anyway ~ and maybe even get into it. Loyal Chicago Bears fans, we usually support the team representing the National Football Conference. But this year we decided to cheer for the “old” man and his team ~ even though they are in the AFC. Our resident football fan favors the Manning family, going way back to patriarch Archie.

I looked up the Bronco team colors ~ orange obviously. But, I wasn’t sure what the other color was. Turns out it is navy blue. Like the Bears ~ difference being? the teams emphasize the opposite color for their jerseys and helmets.

To make the game a “party,” we set the table in Denver colors best we could! And cheered the Broncos to victory. No centerpiece or other decorations ~ just a simple table.

super bowl 007

Oh! And the chili? We ordered eight pounds of coarse grind panther meat; cooked up a huge pot of chili ~ simple supper with chips and guacamole. Big bonus? Freezer packs for a few more winter meals down the road. It’s the little things at the Sidewalk House, y’all! Hugs!

ps: drips down the side of the bowl? yep! I see them now. We have a few things to learn about photos for blogging (just one of those little things).

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