Lady Bella de La Bones Spooktacular Gala

Early in October ~ on a really cold and wet Saturday morning ~ we were awakened by Lady Bella de La Bones’ personal messenger, B. Ball Bat banging on the window. He was sent to notify us that Bonie Anne Clyde would arrive in the next few days to prepare for Bella’s annual Gala at Ghoulton Abbey. Whatever! Just let me crawl back under the blankets.

He flew back a few days later to explain that Bonie Anne Clyde had trouble with an Uber driver. He refused to allow snakes in his car. After a long delay and a different driver, she arrived. Fortunately the weather has been pleasant. Bonie Anne ~ and her travel companions ~ enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the front porch until we arrived home.


A little weary from their trip, Bonie and her helper, Basil Ratbone, sipped a cup of tea, took a quick nap, then got right to work. The snakes? Well they just slithered off to round up rats, lot of rats, for the event.

Shortly after one Gala ends, Bonie Anne begins planning for the next year’s event. Over the past year Bonie Anne and her intern interviewed and interviewed. The ultimate event planner, Bonie Anne is organized and detail focused. Together the two rounded up a group of talent that blows the mind.

To design Lady Bella’s gown, they chose Cocoroach Chanel. They cannot express how excited they were when she accepted. Her sense of style is divine. Luxurious fabrics in claret and purple with vintage trims? oooo la la!

Bonz Design Company was invited to create invitations, menu cards, and favors. Their calligrapher specializes in a creepy font, exclusively for Lady Bella and the Baron.

For Friday night early arrivals, Chef Craig Claibones will once again prepare his famous road kill dish ~ Buzzard Breath Chili ~ so named because of the congress of buzzards that battle his hunters over prime morsels. It’s a rough battle but what can I say ~ it is totally grossilicious.

Ghoulia Chills and Basil Ratbone debated the entrée for the ball. Did you wonder why the snakes were gathering rats? Rat Bourguignon over Vampire Entrails or Rat Shanks over Maggot Pilaf ~ they really needed to make a decision. Bourguignon it is.

Ghoulia brought along her pastry chef (I forget his name) to bake cookies for Baron Von Roachchild. At bed time, the Baron insists on warm Rotted Toothchip cookies with a glass of chilled bat’s milk. Cold, windy, and damp out, I would want my milk warmed. But what do I know? That basket full of candy should make several batches of cookies ~ enough for the guests and for Lady Bella and the Baron to carry home to Transkullvania. Lots of chilly nights ahead.

Now, I ask you! Who else would they select to prepare the dining room but the talented tablescaper, Myst Eeerie, from Nightmare Interiors. I can promise you that the room will be aglow as dark settles in at the  Witching Hour!

Dinner music? Nora Bones! Perfect background! Later guests will rock out to the beat of The Beach Bones. Are they related? I don’t think so.

As the day draws near, Bonie Anne and Basil work dusk to dawn checking things off their lists. Check and Double Check. B. Ball Bat is set to grab the last invitation and swoop out for delivery. Has yours arrived yet? Don’t forget to RSVP

Last task to check off was James T. Gravedigger IIII’s, signature entry installation. The winds have been ferocious. His ladder swayed precariously, crows pecked at him and bats swooped down at his head. He was determined to make it welcoming. And that he did. Great job, James!

And FINALLY! The day has arrived! Ghoulton Abbey is ready for the Gala. Friends and family greet each other ~ squeals and smooches all around . . . . . .

sharing stories, laughing, making memories . . . . . . . 

and then it’s all over. It’s been a HOOT! Until next year, Lady Bella De La Bones! Rest in Peace!

And to all you Ghouls and Goblins, Thanks for stopping in. As always, it’s the Little Things at The Sidewalk House!







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