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Back in the day, after viewing our most recent Halloween photos, our kids teased that we should publish our own magazine ~ Ken Marks’ Living ~ because we have many photos of the Sidewalk House Haint Master’s annual haints. In 1996, we put their jokes into action and did indeed put out the first (and only) edition of KM’s Living in the Heartland with a Southern Lady. (Those dozen or so of you who received a copy should hang on to it; some day it will be valuable. wink wink.) Oh did we have a great time putting together stories, recipes, menus, events, activities, and photos ~ working on the layout, the fonts, colors, editing. Was blogging a thing back then? If so, we were not aware.

In that magazine is an article about a dinner party with dear friends ~ corn soufflé pudding was on our menu. Because we are in the height of Illinois sweet corn season and because we love Corn Souffle Pudding so much, I wanted to share the recipe with you. So why not throw in the entire story complete with menu and recipes?!

corn souffle pudding 3

As you will see, I almost lost the recipe back then. In today’s media world, it is a snap to go on the Fine Cooking website and pull the recipe up. Back in 1996, we did not have the option (at least that I knew of). As always, my sweet husband saved the day.

This soufflé pudding is one of the top five corn dishes we look forward to each summer. Sunday, it was part of our National Filet Mignon Day Menu. While we were highly disappointed by the quality of the filet, we enjoyed the corn pudding immensely. The recipe serves six. Bonus? the two of us have dined happily for three days. It’s those little things, y’all! Bon Appetit and Hugs!


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