Fletcher Rabbit and Other “Dangers” of Reading Magazines and Blogs

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere ~ running rampant throughout the Sidewalk House. It started with a magazine article. And as with real rabbits, our bunny population exploded!

Long before I entered into the world of blog writing, I was reading blogs. Starting the day with one negative headline after another when I turn on the computer is a downer. A few blog posts from people with similar interests is uplifting and a more positive transition into the work day. People with similar interests sharing  their own stories, discoveries, knowledge ~ And sources. Sources? Therein sweet peeps is where things can become dangerous.

How often have you been inspired to shop for an item based on a magazine photo or a blogger’s recommendation? A book? A pattern? A craft item for your studio? Or a kitchen tool? Magazines often list resources for items found in their pages. The problem is that magazine articles are shot out of season; by the time the magazines arrive, products are often no longer available. Blogs are usually current and their sources are up to date. And that is how Fletcher Rabbit came to the Sidewalk House the other day.

When our children were young, we decorated Easter baskets and various vignettes with bunnies, chicks, ducks and eggs. The usual. And then our bebes grew up. I still decorate for Easter/Spring. Perhaps a little more grown up? Or so I thought. I have never been drawn to animals with smiley faces, dressed up geese on the front porch, or other critters of that genre.


I was reading a springtime issue of Southern Lady a few years ago ~ after Easter because I had been too busy before. A two page spread caught my attention. A dining room table set for Easter dinner with a striking centerpiece. The designer had used two carts, each pulled by a jacket wearing rabbit. The carts were placed back to back and filled with tulips, daffodils, and other spring time flowers. I confess I was smitten! Me? with cute rabbits dressed in jackets? Oh my! Sources at the back of the magazine suggested the rabbit carts could be found at Hancock Fabrics. Seriously? I called local stores and found one! I wanted two. Captain Romance could tell you many tales of how far I will go in search of a specific item. And this crazy rabbit was no exception. I called other Hancock stores in the Chicago area.  I called stores in Alabama between my sister’s home and her lake house because I knew she would be traveling. I called the company’s headquarters ~ they gave me a few stores in Georgia to try. It was after Easter. Sold out. I called stores in my daughter’s area. No luck. Finally I tried stores in the general area of our cottage. No stores in that part of Michigan but there was a store in Mishawaka, Indiana. I called! YES! They would hold the last rabbit cart for me. Please understand, if I had walked into a store and these rabbits were on display, I would have walked on by. They are not the kind of thing that speaks to me. But seeing them in the magazine ~ I was obsessed.blog table setting

Since then, slowly without me realizing it, bunnies have invaded our home. Two styles of cupcake stands with rabbits. Basket bearing rabbits. Cart toting rabbits. A deviled egg dish with a bunny in the middle! One here, one there, even a couple of cement rabbits outside ~ And now Fletcher Rabbit has joined the ranks ~ I don’t know his true name, Fletcher is what Captain R called him as I unpacked him. A rabbit from his childhood perhaps?

I first saw this rabbit featured on a blog (I am in the process of learning how to link you to other blogs – until then, you can search Between Naps on the Porch.) The writer said he was available at Pottery Barn (maybe). Straight to their website I went only to find the standing rabbit was no longer available. Bummer! It’s not even Easter yet! I called the local store. The sales person said they have no ceramic rabbits this year. Okay! I have been saying that we really should start to purge and downsize. We do not need another bunny. I’m fine with that. Really!

Have you noticed that once you have done an internet search, ads for the items you checked out start showing up wherever you are on-line. And so it was with Fletcher. An ad popped up ~ same photo as the one on the PB website. Why I clicked on it, I don’t know. Back in stock! NO way! Was it a mistake? Click, click, click and the bunny was ordered, shipped, and is now ready to be decked out in Spring and Easter finery. One more rabbit in the warren. Hippety, Hop, Hooray! It’s how it goes at the Sidewalk House!

ps The Captain sometimes takes a break from the office ~ on an errand or two, so he says. I suspect mostly to clear his head from all the noise and to work through his clients’ issues without interruptions. And sometimes he returns with treats. Last week, he brought a potted hyacinth in tight bud. Wrapped in pale green florist paper, it is beginning to open ~ white flowers and gentle fragrance. Yesterday, just because it was Friday, he brought in a small white ceramic rabbit. Awww. I think the rabbit will be sweet sitting at the base of the flower pot ~a  little vignette if you will. It’s the little things again and again ~ we will purge and downsize another day. Magazines and blogs y’all. . . . Dangerous? I think not. Inspirational? That’s more like it. Hugs! Jackie

btw: Fletcher Rabbit is a character from the Kukla, Fran, and Ollie program from the 1940/50 era. It was a Chicago program that Ken watched long ago. Did it reach other parts of the country? I don’t know. Please let us know if the program broadcast in your area.




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  1. Tracy March 7, 2016 at 9:58 am #

    Can’t wait to see a picture of Fletcher!

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