Coincidences? While sipping our coffee this morning, Farmer Ken and I compiled our weekend agenda ~ harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, and chile peppers. Wrap some overdue birthday packages for mailing. But most importantly, Number 1 on the list: Order denim shorts from Yoder’s Department Store in Shipshewana. Ken and the Indiana Amish farmers have similar body shapes so the best place for him to find jeans and shorts is? You guessed it ~ in Amish farm community.

Back in the day, before the town was discovered by tourists, we made at least 3 seasonal trips to Shipshewana for herb plants, seasonal decor, and meat (the butcher shop was THE source for real, non-chemical beef jerky, wonderful salt and pepper ground pork, freshly rendered lard). Along the way, the scenery spoke of a different life. Farms without electricity; buggies parked in gravel driveways, horses ready to be hooked up; laundry flapping on clotheslines; a small schoolhouse with outhouses; bearded men and little boys in straw hats; women and little girls in bonnets, their dresses “buttoned” with straight pins; a farmer harvesting wheat on a horse driven tractor. And oh the clop, clop, clop of the horses’ hooves as families traveled to and from town. A little over an hour from the lake house, it’s a charming community visited frequently by our family and friends over the years.

A road trip would be so much fun but these days the elderly are cautioned about unnecessary outings. Denim shorts ARE necessary. So? Have them shipped ~ BIG sigh!

Back to Coincidences.

Tracy and family (minus one) are enjoying a few lake days before their fall schedule kicks in. This morning, while still making our plans, I received a text photo from her ~ no message, just a picture.

Strange? not to this eye! Packages wrapped in butcher paper! Oh so Yoder’s Meat Shoppe! We had no idea they planned a trip to Shipshewana today ~ not sure they did. Spontaneity rocks in our families.

When I told Ken where they are, he said “Rats, I should have had them ship me a pound of jerky.” Oh well. They continued on their journey and we on ours.

Shopping for shorts. WHAT! Yoder’s Department Store website showed no shorts at all. I searched a few sites that carried Wrangler jeans but none had shorts that would fit an Amish farmer or Ken. What would you do?

Quickly Ken called our daughter. “Are you still in Shipshewana? Are you near Yoder’s?”

“About a block away. Mark pull in here.” I texted her the size. In stock. On the shelves just not on the website. She purchased the shorts. And Farmer Ken will have his new shorts within the week!

Coincidence? The luck of the Amish? The right place at the right time? Who could have possibly guessed! It just worked out! I’m telling you, peeps, it’s the little things.

Stay safe, y’all!

2 Responses to Coincidences!

  1. Tracy August 16, 2020 at 1:14 pm #

    We could not have planned such a well-coordinated mission ❤️

  2. Vicky Dethloff August 16, 2020 at 1:55 pm #

    I love these cohinkydinks!!!

    Your Florida friend..

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