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Asparagus ~ Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper!

Do y’all remember when asparagus was considered a company vegetable? I can still picture the glass jars in Mama’s cupboard ~  glass jars rather than cans ~ fancy! The jars may have had a picture of a green giant on the label ~ not sure about that anymore. I could never understand why this slimy vegetable was considered a […]

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Mint Juleps

Sipping a mint julep on the deck ~ not for the Kentucky Derby ~ but for soaking in the beauty of mint julep daffodils (love ’em) and other mid-Spring blossoms! A simple pleasure y’all!  

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Der Erste Mai

Happy May Day! While grade school kids are busy creating construction paper baskets to fill with flowers and hang on door knobs ~ While love struck young men in Bad Godesberg Germany are zipping about with mai baums tied to the tops of their automobiles ~ heads full of plans for decorating and wooing ~ (well maybe not this young man ~ too young ~ all […]

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Sylvia’s Dirty Chicken

    Jack Frost and Mother Nature have been duking it out as they are wont to do here in the Heartland come April.  Colorful Spring bulbs, glorious magnolias, crab apples, forsythias, our cherry tree ~ are all in full bloom.  We have held our breath, knocked on wood, and crossed our fingers for the current freeze and frost warnings to be cancelled. […]

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Of Mudbugs and Shrimp Heads

Celebrate! That’s what we do at the Sidewalk House, y’all! Very few events slip by unnoticed. I mean seriously, how can a Friday come and not be celebrated? Or any other day for that matter. But there are bigger events that we go all out for. One of these is Mardi Gras. Beads, masks, and umbrellas are pulled […]

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Retro Valentine’s Day

  Captain Romance requested fondue for Valentine’s Day! Set a bistro table in front of a crackling fire? Soft music in the background? How romantic! But, y’all ~ it was just too cold for a fire at the Sidewalk House this Valentine’s Day! Beef, lamb, shrimp, and lobster ~ potatoes and mushrooms ~ and an array of […]

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Crazy for mailboxes

Not sure what it is but I have this thing for mailboxes! I am whack-a-doodle-do crazy for mailboxes ~ And mail! Oh how I yearned for messages in my dorm mailboxes way back when. And as a young bride in a “far away land,” I pined for letters from my down home peeps. For me, there is a bit of mystery […]

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Hey there dear friends and family! Hope y’all had a wonderful holiday season. I know! I know! I know! that was was a long time ago. After an unexpected trip to Florida at Christmas, I settleld in back home with Ken and Hannah for the New Year. January is all about hibernation in our little corner of the world.  Even so, I am not […]

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Miz Jones and Her Sasquatch Tree

    Sweet friends, pray tell what is your source for sasquatches? Growing up, mine was Miz Jones’ kumquat tree. (My brother, Richard, was partial to the Sullivan’s tree across the alley.) Doc Jones and Miz Jones lived across the street from us.  Now and again I would tip toe into the Joneses’ back yard and pluck a bright […]

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