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Tugs of War!

Tug of war. Finn and Charley ~ one pulls, the other pulls. Back and forth. Eventually one wins the battle. And then it starts all over again. If only it were that easy . . . In the tugs of war of life, sometimes we find ourselves tugged in many directions. Too many.  And if […]

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Fletcher Rabbit and Other “Dangers” of Reading Magazines and Blogs

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere ~ running rampant throughout the Sidewalk House. It started with a magazine article. And as with real rabbits, our bunny population exploded! Long before I entered into the world of blog writing, I was reading blogs. Starting the day with one negative headline after another when I turn on the computer is a downer. A few blog posts from people […]

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Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy New Year, y’all! Monday, February 8 begins the 15 day celebration of the Chinese New Year ~ it’s the year of the Monkey, the Red Monkey, the Red Fire Monkey?. . . . I’m not sure how that works. Chinese traditions, lore, superstitions, culture? It’s all intriguing. Before our Double A Trio moved to Germany, they spent […]

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Let Sleeping Hogs Lie!

Groundhogs that is! As you know we are all about celebrations and festive events at the Sidewalk House. Anything and everything. It doesn’t take much to get us there. But in the case of Groundhog Day? It’s one thing to see a groundhog dashing across the lawn with a just ripened cucumber from our gardens in its mouth. But. […]

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Welcome to Ghoulton Abbey

The wedding of Lady Bella de la Bones and Baron Von Roach-child was a most spectacular event held at the family castle in Transkullvania. Some say it may have been the wedding of the century. After their whirlwind courtship and wedding, the newlyweds are eager for a bit of quiet time. They have slipped away to Lady Bella’s country estate.  Deep in […]

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French Green Beans

Y’all know the ones ~ they come in cans and are the main ingredient in the classic Green Bean Casserole ~ a holiday must-have since the recipe was first published in 1955. Back in the day, Mama’s pantry was well stocked with cans of French  Green Beans, Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, and Durkee’s French Fried Onions. You just never knew when the need for a party dish might arise […]

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40 Something

Happy Birthday to our Baby Boy! Celebrating with a few, very few snapshots! Then and now! Big hugs to a loving, hardworking, creative, talented,  thoughtful, critter loving, outside the box man of many interests, with a tad of irreverence tossed in. Did we say tad? Love, Mom and OF

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Doodlebug, my nickname for my baby girl. My father had a nickname for each of the four of us. Why he chose Skeezix for me has been a life long mystery. What prompts any of us to choose a certain nickname for our peeps is a mystery. When our daughter was born, Ken called her “Boo Boo” as in Yogi […]

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A Deep Subject

Seriously, y’all! WHY would anyone build a room over a well? The previous owners of the little resort n/k/a Club Fred did just that. An addition of a utility room and a bedroom was built right over the well. Access? A sandy crawl space ~ but that was only access to the pump; no way could anyone get to the actual well. After almost 40 […]

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The Pie Plant

is a VEGETABLE? The captain’s German grandparents grew it.  New to the Heartland, I was clueless what to do with the stalks they shared.  From Farm Journal’s Cooking for Company,  1968, came a recipe for Rhubarb Pudding Cake and the beginning of a love affair with the veggie known as Rhubarb.  We transplanted a few plants from Grampa’s city garden to our new […]

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