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Jambalaya and a Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo

Ooooh! That toe tapping Hank Williams song from 1952 makes me want to party!  Love it, love it, love it!  Brenda Lee, Hank, bring it! Jambalayas and gumbos are served up at the Sidewalk House again and again but I have never gotten around to baking a crawfish pie ~ never even tasted one. As far as mudbugs go, it’s Crawfish Etouffee […]

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Mama’s Done Gone on a Trip

And how can you tell? It’s simple! A bottle of salad dressing only makes its appearance in the Sidewalk House kitchen when I am out of town. No other time will you find a bottle of store-bought salad dressing in our refrigerator. And if you have a shelf on the door of your fridge filled with various […]

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Supply and Demand

Mrs. Cook has served the de la Bones family for three generations now. She is a gifted cook and baker who carefully guards the recipes she has developed these many years. Lady Bella is over the moon crazy for the cookies Mrs. Cook places on her nightstand at bedtime ~ the same recipe since Bella was a little girl. However, in recent years, […]

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