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Gramma’s Sugar Cookies ~ Mama’s White Fruit Cake, Crab Salad, Boiled Cookies ~ Mommy Binckley’s Chicken Perlo, Yellow Squash Casserole, Tartar Sauce ~ Bess’s Kibbee and Stuffed Grape Leaves ~ Gloria’s Fried Shrimp ~ Bill’s Irish Coffee with Susan’s 7 Layer Bars (one of the best dessert combinations evuh imho). In our files, precious recipes from family and friends […]

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Oktoberfest at the Sidewalk House

I have been to Munich and I have been to the Hofbraus Haus with my daughter years ago. I have been in a German bierzelt ~ on a cold and rainy day in July ~ where an oompah band was playing to a rowdy crowd drinking from bierkruge that should have been too heavy to lift. But Oktoberfest in Munich? Nope! Our […]

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Birthday Eve

     Wishes can come true, y’all. For months we have watched a new strip mall being built on the site of a recently demolished mall. The new mall has two buildings with multi-spaces ~ only one filled.      Disappointed that our former butcher chose not to re-open, we have been in regular conversation about what kind of businesses might […]

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Navy and Orange ~ Orange and Navy

How about that Super Bowl game! Party for two at the Sidewalk House ~ kicking back in front of the television with a bowl of chili, a crackling fire, and the satisfaction of a big list of nagging chores completed ~ not a bad way to end an exhausting weekend. As I mentioned a few days ago, not one of our […]

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t.g.i.f. ? ~ Thank Goodness It’s February!

After all the excitement and busy-ness of the holidays (beginning with Halloween) do y’all welcome the quiet of January? Do you pack your holiday trappings away at a leisurely pace? Do you take the entire month to recharge? refresh? To dilly dally? To lollygag about? To hibernate! At the Sidewalk House, we take January very seriously as a time for kicking back. So […]

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