Birthday Eve

     Wishes can come true, y’all. For months we have watched a new strip mall being built on the site of a recently demolished mall. The new mall has two buildings with multi-spaces ~ only one filled.
     Disappointed that our former butcher chose not to re-open, we have been in regular conversation about what kind of businesses might fill the shops. What has caught our attention is that both buildings have drive through windows built in. Perfect for a Starbucks, don’t you think? At least once a day, Captain R comments on the potential. So optimistic.  A Starbucks! A drive through just a few blocks away. How convenient, how luxurious would that be!
     In conversation with said former butcher a few weeks ago, he learned that the powers that be at Starbucks had considered a franchise there but determined the rent was too high. Dreams dashed. Big time disappointment.
     Until last night ~ THE sign ~ “Coming soon. Starbucks!” Now let me ask you this, what better gift on the eve of his birthday?
     It’s the little things,y’all! Happy birthday, Sweetheart! Hugs!

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  1. vicky June 28, 2016 at 12:30 pm #

    Happy birthday to Captain Romance! !!

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