A Deep Subject

Seriously, y’all! WHY would anyone build a room over a well? The previous owners of the little resort n/k/a Club Fred did just that. An addition of a utility room and a bedroom was built right over the well. Access? A sandy crawl space ~ but that was only access to the pump; no way could anyone get to the actual well.

After almost 40 years at Club Fred, we began seeing clues that our well needed servicing ~ impossible. Over Memorial Day weekend when Emma of the Long Tresses could not rinse out her shampoo because there was no water pressure, we knew for sure it was  time to replace the well.

Back home at the Sidewalk House, Ken called Mr. Dohm to make arrangements. It happened that they were digging wells on the lakes that very week. We were added to the list. Hooray! We dashed back up  to make the house accessible. In rolled the trucks. We held our breath as the huge equipment was maneuvered into place between our house and our neighbor’s ~ with barely inches to spare.

the well 007

We are talking BIG trucks! Tight space.

the well 001

Preparing to dig a new well ~ not under the house and far away from the septic field. (polka dots? the siding on our cottage is in the process of being sanded, primed, and painted.)

the well 010

More equipment  . . . . . . . . . the well 021

……….and still morethe well 027 ……………………experienced crew.the well 040A new pump for a new well.

the well 025

A new pressure tank inside the utility room rather than under it.the well 042

Almost there!

Do you think our neighbor will notice that his grass is gone?

The entire process was documented by Ken. And the head of the crew documented him documenting them.

the well 011

Before heading back to the Sidewalk House,  we should scatter grass seed and do a little rain dance to help it grow. Come the Fourth of July, our Double A peeps will be excited to test the awesome water pressure. We can take showers and wash dishes simultaneously. What luxury!

Thank you Emma Pie with the Long  Tresses for bringing this into focus.  And future generations? You are most welcome! The new Deep Well can be serviced because it is not under the house! Y’all just don’t trip over the cap on the way to the waterfront.  And Gramper? We thank you too with love and hugs! Mamahoushe and Granddaddy a/k/a JE and K

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  1. Tracy July 20, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    Fun to see the well in progress and all of the huge equipment. The beneficiaries of the new well are deeply grateful!

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