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The Pie Plant

is a VEGETABLE? The captain’s German grandparents grew it.  New to the Heartland, I was clueless what to do with the stalks they shared.  From Farm Journal’s Cooking for Company,  1968, came a recipe for Rhubarb Pudding Cake and the beginning of a love affair with the veggie known as Rhubarb.  We transplanted a few plants from Grampa’s city garden to our new […]

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Asparagus ~ Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper!

Do y’all remember when asparagus was considered a company vegetable? I can still picture the glass jars in Mama’s cupboard ~  glass jars rather than cans ~ fancy! The jars may have had a picture of a green giant on the label ~ not sure about that anymore. I could never understand why this slimy vegetable was considered a […]

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Mint Juleps

Sipping a mint julep on the deck ~ not for the Kentucky Derby ~ but for soaking in the beauty of mint julep daffodils (love ’em) and other mid-Spring blossoms! A simple pleasure y’all!  

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Der Erste Mai

Happy May Day! While grade school kids are busy creating construction paper baskets to fill with flowers and hang on door knobs ~ While love struck young men in Bad Godesberg Germany are zipping about with mai baums tied to the tops of their automobiles ~ heads full of plans for decorating and wooing ~ (well maybe not this young man ~ too young ~ all […]

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